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PowerPlay gives you the knowledge and control to unlock new ways to save. It does this by showing you – in real time – how much energy you’re using1 and generating. With this information, you can finally discover how much energy each appliance uses, and know when to use them to avoid using expensive power from the grid.  

But where the smart home system really shines is in its ability to think for itself. When the sun is shining and you’re generating more energy than you can use, it can automatically turn on specific appliances2, saving you from running them later using expensive electricity from the grid. What’s more, you can control your appliances any time, anywhere, with a tap on your phone.  


Unlike some energy apps, you don't need a maths degree to know how much energy you’re generating and using.

Energy Hub Australian
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  • The brains of the PowerPlay system
  • Monitors your energy use and generation in real time
  • Helps you save energy through home automation

At the heart of your system is the Energy Hub. It tells you how much energy you’re using1 and generating, making it easy for you to find ways to save. It’s also responsible for automatically controlling your appliances when certain conditions are met.

Cool your home

On those sunny days when your system is generating more energy than you can use, PowerPlay can automatically turn on your air conditioning so it’s cool when you get home2. This can keep you comfy, and keep your power bills down

Real-time monitoring

PowerPlay lets you turn on an appliance like your dishwasher or heater and instantly see how much your energy consumption increases in real time1, and whether you’re generating enough solar energy to power it. No other energy monitor makes it this easy.

Save on pool cleaning and hot water

We’re constantly developing new ways PowerPlay can help. Soon, when you generate excess solar energy, PowerPlay will be able to turn on your pool pump, saving you from running it on expensive power later. It will also be able to increase the temperature of your hot water so it stays hot longer, delaying the need to heat it using power from the grid.

Smart home integration

Flex PowerPlay has been designed to integrate with smart home products, opening you up to a host of new benefits, like controlling your lighting, blinds, security system and much more. As technology evolves, PowerPlay will continue to make your life easier in new ways.

Cool your home
Real-time monitoring
Save on pool cleaning and hot water
Smart home integration
Get the most out of PowerPlay
air conditioning pack

Automatically turns on your air conditioning on hot, sunny days when you’re generating more power than you can use.

Pool pump pack
Coming soon

Coming soon – Allows you to turn on your pool pump automatically when you’re generating more energy than you’re using. Come home to a sparkling pool without putting a damper on your power bill.

Hot water heater control
Coming soon

Coming soon – this pack will allow you to divert excess solar energy to your hot water heater, delaying the need to heat water using expensive power from the grid. 

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In addition to our work in solar technology, we've worked with Google to create Chromecast, helped Nike revolutionise  its manufacturing processes, and co-created products for brands like Sony, IBM, Ford and Fitbit.

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